A sad preview of my future work….. And a lovely run!

Sunday 21st June
Winter solstice here! So it’s going to get a little bit lighter every day from now on! And conversely, over in England, every day is just going to get that little bit shorter! πŸ˜ƒ
Yesterday, we did another cycle ride and huge long walk around Melbourne. It’s such a nice place, and very laid back. Lunch entertained me – Charlotte ordered a pizza with ham, mushrooms and olives. But then proceeded to take all the olives off it. She doesn’t like olives. I am always bemused. I think she bemuses herself too.
A slightly depressing aspect to today – we went to South Melbourne police station at 10am to see if our missing keys had been handed in. But first we had to wait while they dealt with the lady in front of us. Now, this will be understood by those bobbies reading this, but maybe not others, but bear with me – she was in her late 40s, and in my professional opinion I would hazard a guess that she wasn’t a stranger to drugs or alcohol (in abundance). She was reporting an abusive and violent partner, whom she wanted removing from her flat. I have no doubt whatsoever that her partner IS abusive and violent, and probably deserves a sound thrashing (not my professional opinion of course!). I can’t abide that sort of person. Anyway, the police woman at the desk did a great job and within 10 minutes had arranged for some cops to go round to her flat, arrest him and remove him, as requested. But no. Within that time she’d decided that actually it was too cold to see him out on the streets, and she’d changed her mind, and instead would just ring the police if he kicked off again (which of course he will given the time to down a few more beers….). Even Charlotte, with her infinite patience, was shocked at this about turn. To me, it was a flash back to years of my job, and a sad vision of my imminent future when I return to my uniform in January….. It also made me realise that the police worldwide probably deal with the same problems day in, day out. Very sad really. I can’t say I know the answer.
Today, Sunday, I had a very early start for my run. I’d downgraded from the half marathon event in a moment of sobriety, but opted for the 10k instead. A very reasonable 6.1 miles. But with an 8am start, I was up at half 6 as I had to cycle to the start by Boris Bike. It was still dark when I left! Anyway, a fantastically organised event by the Sri Chimnoy foundation, and about maybe 600 taking part on the beautiful course around Albert Lake. As the sun rose it became a superb cloudless, brilliantly bright day, and I loved it! Did it in 55’52 which is about normal for me, and then had pancakes with maple syrup handed to me as a finishing reward! Far better than a medal! I found it very easy actually, and wished I’d done the half marathon, but never mind, there’s always next week in Sydney! Great joy in finding that corn plasters do exactly the same job as Nip Guards but for less than half the price! After cycling back home, I realised that I’d lost my running water bottle! I can’t be trusted with anything. So back I went, on the bike, retracing my route, and found the bottle two miles away! Not found the missing keys yet though, and that’s cost me Β£65.
This afternoon we’ve strolled along the beach front at St Kilda and enjoyed a couple of hours sitting outside a bar with jugs of beer! How very pleasant!
Tomorrow we fly to Sydney, which we’re both looking forward to. And it’s always amusing to have the last night in an apartment, as it means we have to eat and drink everything that we’ve got left! (in particular, 6 bottles of Chang πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€)


Our new venture on the Southbank in the city centre


Jugs of bland Australian beer in St Kilda….


The starting grid and pit lane of the Melbourne F1 street circuit! I reckon I might have reached 15 mph here on my Boris Bike……


Beer of the day! Preparing for Thailand!

image image image

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