Sunshine in Sydney!

Tuesday 23rd June
We arrived in Sydney yesterday in brilliant sunshine! And yes, already I love it here! (no surprise there then!). Charlotte’s booked us a fantastic AirBnB apartment in the Elizabeth Bay area, with two bedrooms, lovely open lounge and 4th floor balcony. Very very nice! Yesterday we just took time to settle in and relax.
Why does everything seem so much easier than in England? Wherever we go? Our most regular question is “Remind me why we live in England?”. Sarah, you’ve lived in Canada and Australia. Steve, you’ve lived in New Zealand. What on earth is wrong with you both that you now live in England???? Are you both mental?? Maybe life was just too good for you, and you wanted to experience some crap weather, congested roads and over populated towns?
We were woken up this morning by screeching screaming animals! We actually thought it was monkeys! But a little research showed it to be kookaburras in the trees outside our apartment. Never heard one before!
Anyway, we’ve spent 8 hours out and about walking today in a very pleasant 20 degrees (not bad for mid winter. I’ve been in shorts and T shirt, but lots of people are still in their thick winter clothes, which amuses me!). For me, getting my first view of the iconic Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House was incredible. Even better than I expected. It really is a beautiful place and we’re just enjoying walking around. But the train, bus and ferry system is also very easy and cheap to use. We’re very impressed!

It’s good to see that the area around the harbour has been named in our honour – The Rocks, and I believe we are probably some sort of royalty here. I will be progressing that during the week….

image image image image image image image image
The P&O cruise ship Pacific Pearl was in the harbour, with passengers embarking. I know many of my friends love their cruises, but for us it holds no attraction. Much rather have the freedom that we currently enjoy.
Immensely looking forward to our nine days here, and only 3 days until little Joshy arrives!!! He’s managed to save the magnificent total of Ā£200 for his 9 week holiday….. I foresee another large drain to our budget.
We absolutely love the Aussie television news – it’s a mixture of comedy and brilliantly unscripted bluntness and throw away comments, the sort that would never get approval on the BBC. I particularly loved the way that a serious assault was reported as a “nasty bashing”! And the Prime Minister has superbly rounded on ABC, the national TV network who gave airtime to a convicted terrorist. He came on the news and said “Just who’s side are you on?” Brilliant. No namby pambyness.
Charlotte has foolishly decided that I need to have more responsibility on this trip. Can’t she see that everything works very smoothly when she’s in charge? Apparently I’m going to have to get more involved in planning and booking. But. When I make a decision I have to run it past her for approval in any case, so it’s just easier to let her do it in the first place…..


Beers of the day! A Peroni and a Corona. Ā£11!!!!! Bloody hell!


It’s been a while, but we seem to have caught up with Ken and Linda again! šŸ˜€šŸ˜€


Sarah and Shelley, we got here!! šŸ˜˜

image image image image image image image image image

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