The Nutter On The Bus

Thursday 25th June
More great days in Sydney! Yesterday we took the bus to Coogee beach and did the beautiful 6km coastal walk to Bondi Beach. 22 degrees! This walk takes you through some lovely little bays, and there were plenty of surfers out. I have to say though, I’m a little disappointed with Bondi beach – for a world famous place it wasn’t exactly what I expected. Very nice of course, but give me any of the beaches of Rio any day. Oh yes, I’m so fussy now!


Coogee beach, early morning


Another beach…


Looking across at Bondi




Bondi Beach

We walked past the Sea Folly bikini shop, which is of course an insurmountable magnet to Charlotte. She opted for a Bianchi celesta coloured bikini because it matches her bike! Am I to take it that she will now be cycling in a bikini?? That might chafe a bit! Not to worry, it only cost 46 week’s budget……
On a better note though, we found the Funky Pie shop for lunch which was brilliant!
On the bus on the way back to the city, we had a proper nutter sat behind us. He was having a non stop conversation with someone in his head, telling them, among other things, how he was now working deep undercover catching the bad guys, and then randomly how his dad is Bing Crosby before breaking out singing The Lady Is A Tramp. Maybe he wasn’t mad, and was just telling the truth? Entertaining as it was, it’s exactly this sort of person who goes on to hear instructions to stab everyone on sight (as we once disturbingly found out and witnessed in a pub in Liverpool – this gave Swanny the perfect chance to batter a mad knife-wielding woman over the head with a barstool, five minutes after she’d been talking to me…). Frightening really.
Fortunately we made it home safely in time for The Project on Channel Ten, the most fantastic current news programme on TV. Who knew news could be so much fun??
I started today with a great run all the way from ours to the Opera House and back, right along the harbour front. Stunning views, and nice weather too. I was particularly impressed to see that all the crew of HMAS Canberra were lined on her flight deck to salute me as I ran past. See, I knew we were royalty here…. Well done chaps, you can stand easy now!


Thank you chaps! Very kind of you!


Deluxe jogging

More walking followed as we explored Surrey Hills and Hyde Park. It’s a beautiful city. And then the rain came! How rude! So we went to the cinema and watched the new Pixar film Inside Out! Yes, it’s a kids film, but it was quite good!

We also visited the Rapha cycling shop, which was very dangerous as we could very easily have bought everything in there!


The stairs at Rapha, honouring some of the Tour’s legendary climbs


Need lots of money in here!

If all is going to plan, Josh should be at Heathrow now checking in for his 20hr flight over here. Being good parents, we booked him onto a Malaysian Airlines flight….. Well, it was the cheapest!! What could possibly go wrong????????????? Can’t wait to get him from the airport tomorrow!!!
Our apartment is wonderful, and feels very homely to us. It’s just a joy to be here!
Finally finished The Luminaries. It took some doing (840 pages) but after a slow start it became a superb book, well worthy of its Booker prize. Musically, I’m having a bit of a funk and soul period, with a lot of James Brown and Dr John.
Life is very good!

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