And Then There Were Three!!!

Saturday 27th June
Such a lazy day yesterday! Knowing we had to go out in the evening we took it very easy all day, lounging on the balcony, and drinking coffee at the cafe next to us. Though I did fit a 6 mile run in. And made soup. And made bolognaise.
We went out late afternoon and spent a very pleasant couple of hours with bottles of Asahi beer at the Opera House bar, watching a beautiful sunset behind the bridge.

image image image image image
And then it was time!!!! Off to the airport to meet poor little Joshy, abandoned by his cruel parents 5 months ago with only the promise of nine weeks in Australia and Thailand to placate him! It was of course great to see him, and he didn’t look bad at all considering he’d been travelling for about 24 hours! He seems to have grown another 6 inches too!
Today, another stunningly beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky, has seen us walking all over, taking in the sights, and spending a couple of hours in Sealife Centre too, which was brilliant! Nemo and Dory were both there, and enormous sharks and rays. Tired now, and back at the apartment for an early night and ready for the beach at Manly tomorrow! It’s a hard life!!
Managed to catch a bit of Glastonbury on BBC this morning, which we love watching, so we’ll keep in touch with that. And only one week to go until the greatest annual sporting event in the world, Le Tour! Can’t wait! Though it may mean getting up at 3am to watch it!

Lovely to have Josh here with us!! Come on Sam! Get yourself over!!

image image image image image image image

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