Winter or summer????

Monday 29th JuneIt’s a struggle over here. But we’re managing. Just.

Generally it’s about 20 degrees, which led to the bizarre situation yesterday at Manley Beach where all the Europeans were sunbathing in shorts and bikinis, while the locals wandered around in coats and scarves! Bizarre! It was like a good summer’s day for us! Loved it! Manley was good, and the half hour ferry ride to get there was great. And to cap it all, I cooked a roast dinner for us in the evening! Luxury!

   Today we’ve been back to Bondi beach, where again it was hot. The surf was incredible – some enormous waves coming in! Brilliant for an hour just sat there watching the surfers. I love that place! 

 Later in the afternoon we went up the 300m Sydney Sky Tower. Magnificent views all around! Though for the first time in a long time my fear of heights started to creep back in….

       Been hearing from the lovely Maree and Randall today. We met them in Chile a few months ago, wonderful people from Christchurch, New Zealand, doing exactly the same as us, but travelling the world in the opposite direction. Turns out that they fly into Hanoi on 1st September, and we fly in on the 2nd! So hopefully we can have a beer fuelled reunion! They hit England this week, and Randall is completely shocked by the prices he’s looking at having to pay for accommodation there. And I’m not surprised. I can’t see how anyone can afford England, or Europe in general, having seen how much cheaper it is everywhere else world wide. Randall, Maree, bypass England and just head east!

Good run this morning, 5 miles around Rushcutter Bay. And today I’ve bought an e-cig in my annual attempt to stop smoking…..

Meanwhile, under Josh’s influence, we’re watching Aussie Gogglebox! Very entertaining!

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