Back to hostel life!!!!

Thursday 2nd July
And we’ve arrived in Cairns! What a joy to be back in the heat again! I hear you are having ridiculously hot temperatures back in Britain, and during Wimbledon too! Excellent! I just hope it’s not too hot for you all at work!
I’ve had the very pleasant realisation that I’ll now be able to wear shorts until the terrible day we come home. This is wonderful! And of course my excessive sweating has started again, much to Charlotte’s and Josh’s amusement. Josh has entertained us by admitting that he’s brought 4 pairs of jeans with him! Fantastic! I have one pair for the whole year! Shelley and Sarah, didn’t you supervise his packing????!
We’ve got 5 days in the wonderful Dreamtime hostel, and being the good parents that we are, we’ve booked ourselves a private room, and put Josh in a dorm! It’s all about the budget!! There was a great bbq here last night, which was ideal for Josh to meet people. He ended up going out to a club with a group of English, French, German and Dutch! Excellent! I, of course, wasn’t allowed to go! Mrs Rock has reiterated the rules, reminding me that I am actually 45 not 20. However, we had bought a case of beer seeing as we are here for a few days and we have a fridge in our room, but of course me and Josh saw the best part of it off that night. Even Charlotte had 4 bottles, which is verging on alcoholism for her…. And I had my first taste of kangaroo!
Josh had to take part in a competition during the barbie to learn how to play the didgeridoo, and then dance like an aboriginal. Great entertainment for the rest of us, but highly embarrassing for him. He did seem to be a big hit with the French girls though! Other entertainment was provided by Jim, a “fire dancer” aged about 142, who twirled his fire balls around whilst wearing only a black vest and very tight black boxer shorts. I couldn’t stop laughing which wasn’t actually his intended reaction! Reminded me of Harrogate’s oldest swinger in town of the ’80s, Gyrating Geoff.

image image image
A lot of the travellers here seem to be working their way around Australia, which is a great idea. Several are working actually in the hostel as cleaning and room maids. One young English lad is a mechanic and has got a job at the Land Rover garage. What a brilliant way to use such a skill. I’m actually very impressed by most of these travellers!
We, of course, have no intention of working! Ever again!! (Well, until January anyway….)
I had a lovely 5 mile run along the boardwalk all along the seafront early this morning. At 25 degrees it was absolutely perfect. I was slightly wary of the signs telling me to Beware of Crocodiles…. We’ve also collected our car for the next 5 weeks, a Toyota Corolla. The rest of the day was spent at the pool at the sea front, generally sunbathing and lazing, in a pattern that I hope will be pretty constant for the next few months. Although we’re out for the day tomorrow on a snorkelling trip on the Great Barrier Reef! Times are hard! Send more money!!

image image image

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