All well in Cairns!

Saturday 4th July
Yesterday we had an amazing day trip to the Great Barrier Reef! What a day! 40 miles out to the Outer Reef on a huge fast boat, and then a spot of snorkelling on the reef. Absolutely incredible to see the reef and the brilliantly coloured fish, never ever thought I would be here! Swimming was quite tiring due to the currents, but we rested very nicely on the sun deck before a huge barbie lunch, before sailing to another reef, which if anything was even better! Very strange to be snorkelling and seeing scuba divers underneath you! What a fantastic experience!

image image image image

There is a group of trees on the Main Street in Cairns which is home to many many fruit bats. Now, Charlotte has a terrible fear of bats, and these are the size of rugby balls. All day they just hang in the trees, and we make Charlotte walk underneath them. And then tonight we watched at dusk as they flew off, thousands and thousands of them! Charlotte’s worst nightmare! Haha!


Out of focus bats, all targeting Charlotte

The evening was just nice and lazy back at the hostel, and preparing for Josh’s big day….
Ah, today! The day of the bungee jump! Josh was up early, raring to go, so off we were to the AJ Hackett centre. And what a place! The bungee tower is 50m high, and looked horrendous! But up he went, and we had a nervous ten minutes waiting for his turn. He’d opted for the “water touch”‘ meaning he’d be dunked into the water at the bottom of his first drop. And was he dunked!!! Head first, up to his chest! Brilliant! Chapeau, Josh!! Hilariously two coach loads of Japanese tourists turned up in time to see him and were all photographing and videoing him! Great fun! Far too high for me! Funny to see the official video that showed he had a severe case of Elvis trembling leg at the top!

image image image image image
After all that excitement it was time for some serious lounging, so Trinity Beach fulfilled that for us. Though I did have a 3 mile run on the beach, wearing only my swim shorts and barefoot. I said to Charlotte, “Did I remind you of Baywatch?”
She replied “Baywatch? No. Crime Watch? Yes.” Harsh. Very harsh.
We’re currently hanging out at the hostel with a few beers, chatting to the other travellers here. For some reason they all seem so much nicer than many of the young ones we have previously met, and are genuinely pleasant people! Really good company! We’re very happy here! Josh is going out drinking with them all again later. Strange that they don’t go out until after we’ve gone to bed! How old are we??????
Tomorrow we’re moving down the coast to the paradise that is Mission Beach for a few days of advanced level sunbathing……
Finally, the Tour starts today!!!! And fantastically Astana have already had a doping scandal even before it’s begun!!! Vive Le Tour!!


My running track for today….


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