A crocodile sandwich please. And make it snappy.

Friday 17th July
We’re now in Cooee Bay, just outside of Yeppoon, and near to Rockhampton. We’re on the Tropic of Capricorn! It was a six hour drive from Airlie Beach, quite a boring drive really. There’s just miles of straight road with a 62mph speed limit. And lots of dead kangaroos at the side of the road.
We’re here for 3 nights, at a really nice apartment we found on AirBnB. The owners, Stuart and Jill, live upstairs in the main house, and are very friendly. Stuart came to Australia 53 years ago as a Ten Pound Pom from Brighton. Frighteningly, he found himself doing national service here and then sent to the Vietnam War! Very nice people!

Yesterday I only had a half bottle of beer all day, which in my mind makes me virtually tee total!
So after a late start today we headed along the coast visiting Rosslyn Harbour, Emu Park and Keppel Sands, all beautiful beaches, before going to the amazing Koorana Crocodile Farm! What a fantastic place! Thousands of crocs are kept here, mostly being bred for commercial purposes (their biggest customer is Gucci!). The price of crocodile skin in $25 per square centimetre, so it’s big business. They also provide a service nationally around the whole of Australia capturing rogue crocs, and bring them back to the farm for breeding purposes. It was an amazing setup, and we had a great guided tour, seeing their biggest crocs at over 5 meters in length. Finally we were able to hold a baby croc! A great day, very interesting and very unusual!

image image image image image image image image image image image
Well, two bits of great news for us – we’re having a weeks holiday in October with Bruce and his family in Koh Samui. Bruce has booked the most incredible house, which will see us living like rock stars for the week!! Check it out here –
And then, a week after that, me and Charlotte are going on a sailing course at Langkawi, Malaysia. Have a look at this link –
We’re doing the Competent Crew Course for 6 days! What a laugh! I’m going to be a sailor! (I’m trying to ignore the fact that Charlotte gets violently sea sick….)

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