The Unfathomable Frisbee Failure…..

Wednesday 22nd July
So here we are in Hervey Bay, a spread-out quiet town situated on a 40km beach! We’re back in a hostel, Flashpackers, and it’s absolutely fine. I would however have to take issue with their advertising slogan – “Affordable Luxury”. Yes, it is affordable, but no, just because you have a bed doesn’t make it luxury. Luxurious things would make it luxury, and this place is definitely bereft of luxurious things. But it’s still nice, and we’ve met some very nice young travellers.
Monday was spent resting on the beach, and this was now the hottest I’d been since arriving in Australia. So hot in fact that my infamous sweating resumed with a passion, and I sat on the sand doing a good impression of the Trevi Fountains. What on earth will I be like in Asia? Charlotte will have to carry me around in a bucket.
Yesterday was another brilliant trip out on a whale watching boat. Hervey Bay is famous for its visiting Humpback whales who come in their thousands between July and October. We were right at the start of the season, so we didn’t know whether we’d see anything, but after sailing for an hour off the coast of Fraser Island we found two beautiful humpback whales who were happy to just play on the surface. We got so close to them! They were absolutely majestic, rolling over and splashing about like two young kids in a paddling pool! So lucky to see that! We watched them for an hour and a half, entranced. We’re actually thinking we might return to this whale tour again in August just before we leave Australia, when on any given day you can expect to see over 100 whales!


Fraser Island from the boat




How could you get better than this?


A koala in the tree. They sleep for 18-20hrs a day. Which is only marginally less than me….


What’s that you say Skippy? Young Jimmy’s fallen in the well? In Crocodile Creek? We need to get the Sheriff? Streuth! Come on Skippy! Let’s go get Sheriff Bruce!

More excitement was had in the evening when I had my first takeaway Indian for nearly 7 months! Aaaaaah! Lamb Biryani, how I’ve missed you! Of course, I kept some back for today’s breakfast…..
So, after all that fun, it’ll have to be back to the beach again today for some calm and quiet. I’m hoping to manage a run too, but really just can’t be arsed at the moment……

Yes, I managed a good 5 mile run on the beach. Very aptly Yes’s track Don’t Kill The Whale came on the playlist! Great track! It was brilliant to just end by running straight into the sea to refresh. Another hot hot day, just made for lazing on the beach… Josh bought a frisbee, and then we realised that we had a physical phenomenon among us – Charlotte cannot throw a frisbee! Unbelievable how bad she was! It kept going backwards! She said “it won’t release?” Well that’s because you’re still holding onto it you great wazzock. To say that Charlotte was poor at frisbee throwing would be like saying that Hitler was a very very naughty man. Incredible. I took video of it but have been banned from putting it on the blog! I may have overstepped the mark later on when she was laying down sunbathing and said to me “my tummy makes me look really fat”. I supportively replied “Not at all darling, it’s your enormous arse that makes you look fat!” Maybe I should get a job with The Samaritans…..
Anyway, as always, the day at the beach ended in the bar opposite, where Charlotte had 2 Gin and Tonics, the first G and Ts for many months. Needless to say, she’s now on a cup of tea…..
Moving onto to Noosa Heads tomorrow for a bit of posh with an AirBnB apartment, before then going to Sarah’s mum’s apartment in Noosa itself. A week of genuine luxury ahead!! I don’t really know how we cope….


Dubious Beer of the Day – seeing as how we’re very poor unemployed travellers, we like to get value for money. So, often the question in the Bottle Shop is “What’s your cheapest beer which is at least 4.5% volume?” Today’s result is this, which until we got back to the hostel we didn’t realise was Produce of Korea! Still, any beer is better than an Australian beer…..

2 thoughts on “The Unfathomable Frisbee Failure…..

  1. Hi folks, in Corfu, 35 to 38 degrees and loving it. We have a swim up pool and we are on the beach, wifi is a disgrace but we will survive, amazing how normal life disappears

    be good



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