Nice in Noosa!

Noosa Heads! A proper spot of luxury! On arrival we were given the choice of two different apartments, so we opted for the recently refurbished one – although it had been recently refurbished in a 1980s style! Fantastic! Everything is white! It’s like being in a Duran Duran video! But a superb large apartment with balcony, and pool constantly at 32 degrees. It’s terrible being a poor traveller!
We had a walk around town earlier, Hastings Street being the poshest beachside street we’ve seen yet – lots of clothes shops and lovely bars, all way out of our budget! Then, after a walk on the beach we landed on the balcony at Noosa Surf Club and stayed there for a couple of hours (Again, destroying our budget!). Loads of people were surfing in the waves just opposite us. There was a mild moment of panic when we saw fins in the water, and Josh was convinced it was a shark! He nearly fell off his chair! But it was just three dolphins playing, only 30m from the beach. Incredible! I only wish Josh had actually shouted out “SHARK!” to see how quickly the sea would have emptied!
So, 9 days here in Noosa. Where did it all go wrong??????
Anyway, must go and wash my hair dye off. Nordic SIlver Blonde today!!!

As an afterthought, I realise I haven’t watched a single stage of the Tour de France this year. But on Saturday (our night time) we’re going to stay up to watch the Alpe d’Huez stage. This may be the only time this year where I miss being in Europe, as we would have no doubt been there to see it. Come on Froome!!!!


Sarah, you’re old work place?


A strange man in a wetsuit metal detecting….


Sun gone down, but still loads of surfers in


We thought this was Charlotte surfing, but then we realised this person had a normal sized bum…..


Yes, this is what I’ve sunk to…..


Our antidote to Australian beer….


Our home for the week!


Je suis un rockstar

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