Just need to win the lottery…..

Friday 24th July
Well, that’s settled then. We’re moving to Noosa for the rest of our lives. I know we said we’d move to Queenstown  in NZ, but we’ll settle for a holiday home there. Noosa is just brilliant! So Randall, I’ll look for a plot for the hostel. Obviously you’ll have to fund it as we’ve spent all our money on the bare necessities in life such as beer, gin, cigs and hair dye. But we’re quite happy to run it for you, and we’d only need €100,000 a year. Each. Sounds a good deal to me! We’ll have a craft beer brewery there too, making RandallRock (10% ABV stout) and The Grand Maree (a subtle mix of beer and bourbon). Can’t fail.
We started today with a walk along the coastal path. Just absolutely magnificent. Amazing views, and then we had dolphins swimming along near the shore, and in the distance we could see whale spouts as they neared the end of their migration to Hervey Bay for their annual vacation. Stunning. Failed to see the promised koalas though. I presume they were all sleeping off their hangovers somewhere….
After all that excitement we visited the bakery on Sarah’s recommendation and had THE VERY BEST PIES EVER COOKED! Lamb and roast veg for me, steak and mushroom for Josh. Definitely back there tomorrow! And all that left us able to do was spend a lovely afternoon on the beach. The waves once again pounded me almost to death, and if it wasn’t for Josh I reckon the undertow would have swept me out to Tasmania. Charlotte proved she’s far better with bat and ball than with the frisbee (let’s face it, it would be impossible not to be). Just a great afternoon, rounded off with a few beers at the surf club watching all the surfers and kayakers. We love this place!
Tomorrow we’re planning a couple of hours kayaking up the river to see all the millionaires houses, before the beach. And Sunday sees us going on the ferry to a hippy market, followed by an afternoon at a bar with a blues band! Where did it all go wrong!!! 😎


Along the coastal path


I think this is a kookaburra? They sound like monkeys!


Josh in thoughtful pose. “Hmmmm, Salford or Noosa….”


Don’t know what tree this is, but the way its roots grow is incredible


Us. The beach you can see in the background is a nudist beach. I’m heading there tomorrow…..


Charlotte playing with her bat and my ball….


Please don’t make me come home…..

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