All Hail Steve Irwin…..

Tuesday 28th July
It was a bit of a wrench to leave our lovely apartment at Noosa Heads. However, we only had a six mile drive down to Peregian Beach to our next luxury apartment! Sarah’s mum and dad, Jennie and Richard, who we last met at the Tour de France in Harrogate last year, have very very kindly let us use their amazing place at Glen Eden Resort! This is way above our normal standards! The patio leads on to the swimming pool and spa area! It is brilliant! It’s even on two floors so it’s actually more like a house. This is the first time we’ve had to use stairs to go to bed! Even our last home in Harrogate didn’t have stairs! We are so lucky! Jennie and Richard, thank you very much!!
So after a lazy day lounging around the pool yesterday, and barbecuing at night, we’ve spent today at Australia Zoo. This is the zoo set up by Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter. He used to be always on our telly at home when Josh was growing up, and it’s very sad that he got killed by a stingray about 10 years ago. Now there are so many TV shows trying to copy him, but he was definitely the original, and the best. Together with his wife Terri and kids Bindi and Robert they’d always be off somewhere doing battle with dangerous animals. The zoo is fantastic. We fed the Kangaroos, stroked the koalas and saw a brilliant show in the Crocoseum Arena featuring Birds of prey and crocodiles. Great fun! Also saw among other things wombats, Tasmanian Devils, dingos, massive giant tortoises, giraffes and rhinos. We spent 6 hours there! If anyone is ever over here, I’d really recommend it. And you can’t move without seeing huge pictures of Steve Irwin everywhere. The zoo is on Steve Irwin Way, and they have a Steve Irwin Celebration Day. If I were a cynical person (which of course I’m not…..) you could call this place “A Homage To Steve Irwin”, or even more cynically “The Steve Irwin Cash Cow Continues….” The whole ethos of the zoo is about animal conservation, but I never can quite get a grip on how keeping them captive is conservation….. especially the birds. But, it was a superb day, and we all enjoyed it.
Back at the villa now for a lazy evening. I’m reading a book I’ve meant to read for many years- Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of TIme”. It’s a bit of a struggle at times, and Charlotte says that whenever she looks at me reading it I’m sat scratching my head with a puzzled look on my face. Parts of it I have to read several times to take it in, but I’m quite liking it. It’s really absolutely mind boggling. And when Charlotte said last night Are we going to bed now? I didn’t know if I was really actually there or in the future or in the past! Maybe I should become a scientist……  (Has anyone noticed yet that none of my future jobs involve policing?)
Going to the hippy markets at Eumundi tomorrow morning, ready for a tough afternoon at the pool…..
One of my old friends from work, Danny Burton, arrives in this area this week, so there’s a chance we can get together for a beer or 7….

Lastly, it seems that someone is sneaking into my room every night and shrinking the waist on all my trousers……


Me and Josh with Skippy


“What’s that you say, Skippy? Charlotte hasn’t eaten for 8 minutes and is slipping into a coma? We need to get her some food right away?”


In the Crocoseum Arena! Seats 5000 people!


A beautiful Wedge Tailed Eagle


Charlotte was prepared to fight this croc for its food….


Motherly love…..


One of the two beautiful Sumatran Tigers they have


The lemurs were quite happy just sunbathing and warming their balls, whilst doing the Hokey Cokey


Poor old Steve Irwin. Long may he continue to cash in on his untimely death…..


The terrible stresses of backpacking around the world…..


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