The Earth Moves For Me and Charlotte…….

Friday 31st July
Quite literally, a seismic start to yesterday! At 0940hrs myself and Charlotte were sat on the sofas catching up with the news when the whole house started shaking! And the swimming pool was shimmering! A bloody earthquake! In fact, quite a strong earthquake especially seeing as we’re in an area which doesn’t normally get them! Officially it was 5.3 magnitude, and the epi centre was not far from us at all, but 35km under the sea. Really strange! And Charlotte hadn’t even devised an earthquake emergency plan! Standards are slipping! I think from now on we’ll be having a safety briefing each day about earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, snakes, crocodiles, cracks in the pavement etc……
Anyway, once that excitement was over, a new miracle occurred! – after me driving 8000km in NZ, and 2500km here, we discovered that Charlotte can drive! Yes!!!! And this came about by her having a hair appointment 5 miles away, and me not being arsed to take her. This opens up a whole new range of possibilities for daytime drinking now that me and Josh have a chauffeur! So, Charlotte the Driver dropped me and Josh off at the village, where Josh had his haircut, and the two of us then walked a mile back down the beach. Glorious!!! All that was left to do then was sunbathe at the resort pool until Charlotte came home with the shopping and her new hair! Another lovely day, and it was with heavy hearts that today we left Jennie and Richard’s place. Thank you chaps, and thank you Sarah for arranging it! I’ll buy you a pint of whiskey in Bangkok! Bring Shelley along and we’ll see if we can make her sick (shouldn’t be difficult!)
We loved the Noosa area so much that we’ve booked a place back here for next week. And somehow, we’ve got an affordable beach house on Hastings Street, the main Street in Noosa Heads, ridiculously close to our favourite pub, the Noosa Surf Club, and literally two steps from the beach! Oh dear. Doesn’t bode well for the budget…..
But due to the magnificent generosity of Jennie and Richard, we’re doing ok!
Now we’re at beautiful Byron Bay, a magnet for hippy travellers and surfers. We have a superb hostel just ten minutes walk up the beach, and as we walked back form town this evening watching the sunset, we saw a whale fully breached, jumping out of the water only 200m offshore. Absolutely incredible!!!!!!!!!! The blue moon rising just made it even better. (Blue moon is second full moon of the same month, doesn’t happen too often, and it looks huge!). We’re here for 5 days, so all is well.
Amusingly, we’ve met Clara the Austrian doctor again here (it must be my age that I can’t understand how such a young person is a doctor!) She’s travelling alone, and is lovely. This is the fourth hostel we’ve bumped into her! I’m beginning to suspect that she’s the current surveillance operative following me on behalf of Team BobnNeil….. (Leading me to the fact that they still owe me a couple of grand…..) And speaking of which, tomorrow is August. How did that happen?? On 1st October I have to email WYP to tell them if I’m coming back or not! So only 8 weeks to A) win the lottery, B) find a job or C) win the lottery….. Oh yes, I can’t wait to find out where I’m going to be posted. One thing’s for sure, there won’t be a beach there, and I’ll be wearing a silly hat…. Come on Bruce, time is running out! No longer do I think I need to stay for the pension, I need to be involved in Tuk Tuk Tours! Anything but Bradford! You are my only hope! I’ll do anything at all! Please don’t make me go back!
Tonight we’re eating out at the bar next door. We rarely eat out (it’s expensive) but we’re treating ourselves because we just can’t be bothered to cook! It’s Friday night after all!


Beautiful sunset walking back to our hostel


And looking directly behind, the moon rising


A bloody earthquake!!!!!

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