Cricket, Beer and Bikinis in Noosa

Friday 7th AugustSo, we moved back up north from Byron Bay to our favourite place, Noosa. But not before visiting the hippy village of Nimbin, which personally I found disappointing. I always think the life of being a hippy sounds fantastic, but the reality of it – just sitting at bars smoking dope all day and doing absolutely nothing – might be fine for a few days, but I’d soon get bored of it. This year has taught us that we like to keep moving on and seeing new places, learning new things.

Anyway, back to Noosa, where we’ve rented an apartment on the main Street, just off the beach. It’s bloody superb!! This is definitely the place I could come back to live. I’ve slipped into the routine of a good run along the coast first thing in the morning (although first thing has now become 10am), then a few hours on the beach (usually a pie from the pie shop features mid afternoon), followed by a couple of hours at the surf club, watching life go by with a beer or three. It’s just perfect. The house is close enough to the beach to be able to nip back to use the bathroom if needed. Yesterday Charlotte did this. She was gone for a suspiciously long time, and eventually reappeared carrying a RipCurl bag! Aha! Just as I suspected! Another bloody bikini! By my rough calculations she now has a bikini for every day of the rest of our trip! And this at a time when the beer budget is running perilously low! Scandalous! Next time she says she’s just nipping home I’m frisking her for cards and cash! 

So life is just going along nicely. There was a brilliant display of dolphins and whales out in the bay tonight, and I saw a whale in the distance jump completely out of the water. Every night, the sunset is perfect. I can never ever get tired of this.

On our first night back here there was an enormous marquee set up on the beach. This was for the Australian unveiling of the new topless Mazda MX5. Invited to it were car journalists and Mazda dealers from all over Australia. I saw this as potentially dangerous, taking into account that car salesmen will sell their own Grandma for a £1 profit (😀 Brett!) But it was great to watch as the new car was flown in across the sea carried under a helicopter. 

It was also quite unbelievable last night watching the first day of the Ashes! What a great time to be in Australia! They got humiliated beyond belief! Brilliantly, as I was having a cigarette at the bar tonight, someone asked me “Did you see that disgusting display of cricket last night?”. I replied “Yes, it was bloody fantastic!” 

“Oh, you’re English” was the jealous response. I actually almost feel sorry for the Aussies who’ve travelled to England to watch – unpredictable weather, expensive accommodation, terrible roads and travel – but at least they’ve had the first opportunity in their lives to taste real beer.

As things have been pretty quiet, I’ll ramble on a bit more with books and music – I finished A Brief History Of Time. Can’t pretend I understood it all, but strangely enjoyed it, and it really makes you think. Now well into Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants which is un-put-down able!

Sitting on the beach, I love listening to Radio 4 podcasts, in particular Friday Night Comedy, Drama of The Week, and The Infinite Monkey Cage with Brian Cox. Musically, today I listened to Bruce Springsteen Live at Hammersmith 1975. A true classic. And a lot of Alabama Shakes too. And Genesis -Selling England By The Pound! Great album!

So, only a few days left here in Oz. We travel to Brisbane on Monday, and then fly out of there on Tuesday to Bangkok, where once again in the massive heat and humidity I will become a human fountain! But we’re ready to move on now, and can’t wait! Cheap beer and food!!!

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