Oh Dear, A Rant……..

Saturday 8th August
Charlotte has told me that I’m being far too harsh on England, and has told me to come up with 10 good things about our home country. This has been even harder than I first imagined, but I’ll give it a go…. (I’m taking for granted that our family and friends are there so I’m ignoring that)
1. Some parts of England are spectacularly beautiful, for me in particular the Yorkshire Dales, Peak District and The Lake District
2. A proper English pub, with a roaring fire and a Sunday roast on a cold, clear winter’s day, and real beer
3. Our armed forces and emergency services. Infinitely more professional than any other country I’ve visited
4. English music. Listened to in every corner of the globe
5. Our history, and historical buildings
6. Errrrr….. struggling now…..
However, ask me for a list of things I’m completely fed up of about England and its almost endless. To name but a few –
The impossible over crowding and subsequent travel congestion, our cheating lying egotistical politicians (yes, this is worldwide I know), a government seeking only to line their own pockets at the expense of the rest of the country (again, worldwide), the gradual dismantling of our armed forces and emergency services, and JOURNALISTS! In fact journalists and BANKERS together.
There, there. Lie down now Mr Rock, have another beer, you’re getting yourself all worked up….
But, very seriously, our new ambition is to one day in the future years leave England as its plain to see that there are many many places far better. I know we see it through rose-tinted glasses while travelling and not working, but I don’t see any reason why this shouldn’t be a normal way of life! I have honestly yet to meet an unhappy traveller despite how little money they have. I’ve also yet to meet a traveller who hasn’t been able to get a job. It’s not about money, you actually need very little money, even less so if you’re living in a warm climate. And knowing that when you wake up the sun will almost undoubtedly be shining is always an instant good start to the day! I really get annoyed in England if I have to work the 3 days of our summer and therefore miss the 72 hours of sun. That’s just not an issue over here – work all day, any day, and know that after work you can still go running, go cycling, go to the beach, and it’ll still be hot.
Anyway, rant over, and I know many people will disagree with us, but you just keep paying for that bit of land and those bricks you call home, and we’ll keep enjoying ourselves! 😀
Don’t get me wrong, I know I’ve been a miserable sod for many years, but I can definitely see a way forward now, and it certainly doesn’t involve working my arse off all day every day. Our boys are doing well, and in total agreement with us! And we know another couple of lovely friends who are thinking the same way…….

One thought on “Oh Dear, A Rant……..

  1. You missed lawyers off, how could you miss the low life lying miserable individuals who rip off the system for financial gain and smile when they know their client is guilty. The search for the truth is not in their vocabulary, that would underline their money making machine. Rant over.


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