Living in the sky in Brisbane!

Monday 10th August
Well, my rant about England provoked a few responses. Bruce tried pointing out two things I’d missed off the “good” list – Leeds United, and English tea. I don’t drink tea, and I’d rather saw my own legs off than give my hard earned money to go see Leeds play. And remember, this comes from Bruce who has emigrated to Bangkok….. Finch very accurately and quite rightly points out that missing from the “bad” list are lawyers. Very true, Finch. Ian, one of the hardest working people I know along with his wife Patsy who together run Kings Catering (the greatest caterers in Britain, see, there’s an international plug for you Ian) agrees with me too. There’s more to life than work! Brigid suggests that it won’t be the same for us if we’re actually working. Well, possibly true, but seeing as I’m facing being posted to Bradford, I’m willing to make a small wager that working in permanent summer time conditions, next to a beach at Noosa might just be a tad better than pounding the beat in Bradford. In fact working in Mogadishu would be preferable to Bradford.
We’ve left Noosa today after 5 magnificent days there. It’s fair to say that the Surf Club may need to lay off a few staff now we’ve gone, and the pie shop too! But it’s certainly been our most favourite place in Australia, and I’m sure we’ll be back. Everything about it was superb – the beach, the shops, the sports and running, the regular sightings of dolphins and whales, and the people too. The highlight of yesterday for Charlotte and Josh was watching me being battered by an unexpected wave which floored me from behind! It felt like someone had cracked the back of my head with a baseball bat!


At last! Heinz bring out the “Ken and Linda” range!


It’s been like travelling with two juvenile kids….


The police patrol on segways in Noosa! I could do that!


Noosa from above


Our apartment was part of that building


I think Josh has an unfair disadvantage in this tennis match…

So for our last night in Oz we’re in Brisbane. We’ve got an amazing apartment on the 68th floor of a 74 floor tower called The Altitude! I’ve seen people BASE jump from lower than this! It’s got two double bed rooms, lounge, kitchen, two bathrooms, even a study! Every room has ceiling to floor windows giving stunning views. And it’s less than £80 a night! Why would anyone stay in hotels anymore? I’ve had an hour in the gym this afternoon, honing my toned athletic physique (???) and then time in the pool. Just perfect. Worryingly Josh has just said that it’d be a great place for a sniper to shoot someone from….
And Brisbane itself is lovely – so many people had told us it wasn’t worth going to, which is why we’re only here one night, but it’s a great place. Actually reminds me of a smaller, quieter London with the way the river curves through the town.

image image image image image image
Bought a new Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS running watch today to replace my last. By sheer luck we found one reduced from £80 to £57. I do like a bargain!
Tomorrow we embark on a few days travelling. The holiday is over, and it’s back to backpacking! Looking forward to it! It also means I’m having to resume my role as language expert, though it’s fair to say that my Thai, Vietnamese and Cambodian need a bit of polishing….
Our Sam is currently in Japan. He’s recently finished his contract with Mario Testino to go freelance, though he’ll continue to work with Mario too. His swansong with Mario was being part of his photography team at the Royal Christening. They then flew to Greece where he spent time on Mario’s yacht. Since then he’s been back in New York sorting out his apartment etc, and now he’s gone to Japan for a few weeks just to have a look around and recharge! A hard worker with a good life! Love it that all our family feels the need to travel!


Mario’s boat!

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