The Return Of the Incredible Sweating Man!

Thursday 13th August
Well, I misjudged that one! I thought I might have managed maybe 10 minutes in Bangkok before I started sweating? But no, almost as I walked down the steps from the plane I became a human fountain! Unbelievable! And I haven’t stopped since!
So, we took various flights a couple of days ago – Brisbane to Sydney, Sydney to Kuala Lumpur (Sydney airport has the most expensive bars I’ve ever seen, even to the stage where I refused to buy a second beer!) and then Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok. About 14 hours in total, and the flight from Sydney was 9 hours of turbulence! Still, with the aid of Asda’s brilliant sleep aid tablets, I managed about 5hrs sleep. We got to KL about 5am, and had 3hrs to wait for the next flight. Luckily, we had access to the Plaza Lounge, where I introduced Josh to the pleasures of pre-breakfast beers! While we filled ourselves up on Heinekin and samosas, Charlotte was far more dignified and went for a shower. Josh has now said he’ll use airport lounges every time he flies!
So, Thailand. It just begs the question, Why Don’t We All Live Here????!!!! It’s bloody brilliant! Always hot! Always cheap! And the nicest, most friendliest people on the planet! (Have I said this about every country now?) But seriously, it’s just bloody fantastic! We stayed close to the airport last night as we had another flight this morning, but exploring the local market and shops was just great!
Did I mention it’s hot??? Well only about 30 degrees, but with about 147,000% humidity, so I am constantly dripping!
We’ve been here before, so knew a little of what to expect, but it’s all new for Josh, and so last night was brilliant to see his reaction to the bill at the restaurant, which for 4 main courses (Josh had two) and two rounds of drinks each, it cost £9! One round of drinks on its own at Noosa cost £15! And we’ve discovered that when Josh has the slightest spicey food he blows up like a cartoon character, steam coming out of his ears, nose and eyes! Hilarious!
So, today we’ve flown down to Koh Samui, where we’re staying at the very nice Harry’s Bungalows (Mae Nam beach) before we sail to Koh Tao tomorrow. It’s a bit of a roundabout route, but we’ve made various bookings months ago, and some recently, so we’re just piecing it all together. But once we land tomorrow we’ve got a week in the Koh Tao StarVilla, so all will be well! This afternoon we’ve been on the beach, and it’s Josh’s first time being in a warm sea – absolutely fantastic! And then we settled into a lovely bar on the beach for a couple of hours, listening to soft chilled reggae and drinking cheap beer and cocktails! Where did it all go wrong!!! And we’ve got 4 months of this!
Thailand. Paradise. Bruce, you KNOW you want to employ me here!!!!! But you’d better be quick, because I’m rapidly melting away! We are loving Thailand! My Thai is currently limited to Please, Thank you, and Hello, but I’ve got a whole series of podcasts to teach it to me, so it can only be a matter of days before I’m fluent!

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One thought on “The Return Of the Incredible Sweating Man!

  1. For some reason the humidity has shrunk Paul’s head, maybe his whole body will shrink and he can convert to become a Thai. Mr Wock at your serwice


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