Near death, and heaven!

Friday 14th August
A small lesson learnt today – lovely bars on the beach and very cheap beer lead to near-death in the morning! Bloody hell! Although I didn’t feel at all hungover, I sweated like a human waterfall, and rapidly became extremely dehydrated! We were waiting for the ferry to Koh Tao, standing in the 1,247 degree heat in 786,542,315% humidity, and I honestly thought I was going to collapse! Actually very worried! It took 2 litres of water and 2 rehydration tablets to bring me back round. Never again…. My clothes were actually dripping with sweat! All very embarrassing really!
Not to worry though, we arrived at Koh Tao, and were collected by our hosts who drove us up into the hills to the Star Villa – absolutely gorgeous! Luxury! The view over the sea is incredible, and Alan and Heidi who run this place do everything to keep you happy. They even gave me a mobile phone to ring them whenever we want food, or a lift into town and back! They moved from Essex 7 years ago and have built this place themselves. It’s stunning, and not stupidly expensive. So after a bit of freshening up, Alan took us down to Sairee Beach. His transport is a jeep, which means that me and Josh have to stand up in the back. Health and safety? Not one tiny little bit! He recommended a bar on the beach called the Fizz Bar, so despite having almost died this morning we headed straight there. What a bar! Bean bags to laze about on, sunset right in front of us, and Chang beer at less than £1 a bottle! Magical! Why didn’t we just spend a whole year here??!! Followed by excellent dinner and beers for an outrageous £7.50 for three of us! It’s just brilliant seeing Josh’s reaction to all this, and we’re so pleased he’s been able to experience it with us. He’s already talking about working in Thailand!


The view from our decking!


Bar of the Day!!!! The Fizz Bar! Heaven!


Didn’t want to disappoint Ian by not showing any beer photos…… I’m sure it’s the camera angle that makes me look fatter!


Sunset from The Fizz Bar


More sunset….


Josh with his new friend…..

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