Star Treatment at the StarVilla!!

Monday 17th August
Life here on Koh Tao is lovely! The StarVilla where we staying is superb – it’s in the hills above Sairee Beach and comprises of two double villas and one penthouse. Alan and Heidi, the English owners do everything to make your stay as easy as possible, and it would be hard to find a friendlier and more welcoming couple. Last night we ate out with them at a lovely restaurant in the hills, and then back to the village for dessert. We were also joined by Sarah who is a young American girl staying alone in the penthouse! She’s doing her first two year posting abroad for the American State Department at Nairobi, and is just enjoying a three week holiday, currently doing a scuba course here at Koh Tao. How very nice!
Yesterday we went to Tanote Bay on the east side of the island. The snorkelling there was like nothing we’d ever seen before! Even better than the Barrier Reef! Incredible fish in crystal clear warm water, and no currents to battle with. We’ll definitely be going there again this week.
Whenever we want to go anywhere Alan takes us in the jeep, though last night I was on the back of his motorbike which was great fun. And I’ve just telephoned him to order our breakfast! What a tough life! The fridge in the kitchen is stocked with various beers, and it seems to be a self-filling fridge! All at less than £1 a bottle! To put it into perspective, for three of us in Australia we were spending about £100 a day on food and drink. That’s gone down to about £40 a day, and we’re living very very nicely! Just what our budget needed!
My Havianas broke a couple of days ago! Though this is probably summary justice, as they’ve spent the last 7 months trying to break my feet! So I’ve replaced them with some Diesel flip-flops, obviously the genuine article at £4!! Ironic that I’ve just bought a new GPS watch and trainers, but currently can’t even think about going out running in this heat! My fitness is going to plummet, probably in exact proportion to my stomach expanding! Never has my nickname of Wok Smuggler been more apt!😄


Tanote Bay


Nice looking villas at Tanote Bay.


The fridge that re stocks itself!


Can never ever get bored of this. Stunning.


Our friendly resident frog on the deck.



One thought on “Star Treatment at the StarVilla!!

  1. I could do with a few weeks r and r there!! Looks amazing. Maybe in 16 years time when I get time off for good behaviour?

    In the meantime I will look forward to the next instalment from the roaming rocks!!

    At least it’s sunny here today, think I’ll head to Valley gardens and go and play on the swings…..!

    Enjoy ️xxx


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