An Unscheduled Flight To England…..

Monday 24th August
Well, I’m writing this in the lounge at Bangkok airport, waiting for 3 flights that will eventually deposit me tomorrow morning in Manchester!!! England! Unfortunately my mum is very ill, so I’m heading straight home for a couple of weeks. Charlotte and Josh are staying here in Thailand for a week until Josh leaves, then Cha will stay on her own, possibly moving on to Vietnam, and I’ll catch up with her along the way. This was always going to be a possibility from the off, so we’ll just play it by ear.
In view of this, there probably won’t be any more bloggage for a while.
The only upside is that my flight from Hong Kong to Heathrow is showing me in Business Class! But I’m sure it’s a mistake…..
Anyway, Leeds for a while now.

3 thoughts on “An Unscheduled Flight To England…..

  1. Hope things turn out for the better. On journeys and expeditions like the one your having the unexpected can be just around the corner and I am sure the Rocks will live up to their name.

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