Another little rant! But justified I’m sure you’ll agree! 😃

Friday 4th September

You’re going to have to forgive me, but I’m needing to have a little rant….
I’m spending a lot of time in St James Hospital in Leeds at the moment. The wards are chronically understaffed, and many of the nurses seem so demoralised that their work has definitely been affected. And who can blame them? They’re been asked to do more work, with less staff, for less money. And this is so that we can offset some of the financial mess caused by the bankers and the fat cats. It’s an absolute disgrace. The NHS is one of the greatest things about Britain, and our government seem hell bent on destroying it (still, we can all take some comfort in the MPs’ recent wage rise). I’ve no doubt that the nursing staff are (generally) doing their very best in difficult circumstances, and I take my hat off to them. I’m particularly impressed with the “non-qualified” staff such as the cleaners, caterers and care workers, who actually seem to give better care than any of the others. We get most of our information from the cleaner! She is absolutely brilliant and deserves a medal!
But. To make matters worse, I opened up yesterday’s paper to discover that Manchester United have paid £36 million pounds for a 19 year old footballer. Personally, I find this obscene. I know you can’t compare the hospital to a sporting “business”, but there is something morally wrong about this. Imagine what just £36 million pounds could do for a hospital, especially if it were actually able to be ring-fenced for the basic care on the wards (of course I’m sure there is also a huge amount of waste in the NHS, but I don’t think this occurs at the basic levels of care).
Certainly my dad and his friend, both life long football fans, have lost interest in the Premier league as a result of the money involved. And the blatant cheating by pathetic footballers who fall to the floor every two seconds.
Anyway, on a more positive note – mum getting the care she needs now, though there’s a long way to go, but already a noted improvement. Things have been much improved for me by having Charlotte back here too, as she knows what she’s doing with hospital staff! And she’s been able to cut and dye my hair again! Josh coming up later today, and Sam coming tomorrow so it’s an unexpected family reunion which will be lovely! Me and Charlotte made a quick visit to Harrogate yesterday afternoon, but weren’t drawn back to it in any great way!!! We’re still planning to head back to Thailand on 16th September, but obviously this plan has to be flexible.
I had a visit from my dear friend Cliffy last night, which was also superb! It’s always nice to know that people are thinking, and Cliff has long been a friend of the family.
Finally, the below newspaper cutting has made my day! Apparently far from being a drain on the NHS, us smokers and drinkers are actually keeping it going with our taxes! I always suspected as much! Admittedly, it was in the Daily Mail, and thus is almost certainly 100% a lie….


Mum, almost smiling, proving what incredible drugs are available these days!!!

Mum, almost smiling, proving what incredible drugs are available these days!!!

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