Our English Holiday Comes To An End (Hopefully!!!!)

My goodness! This has been a tough and trying few weeks!!!! Some ups, many more downs, but we’re all coping admirably! Thank god for the help of gin!!!!
So, a couple of weeks ago, mum’s illness just got too bad, and she had to go into a home. This was after several years of dad being her sole carer at home, and it just wasn’t possible any more. Anyway, just to prove the point, after 26hrs the care home also said she was beyond their level of care, and finally mum ended up in St James’ Hospital. Now, I’m loathe to criticise any of our brilliant public services, but…… maybe I expect too much, and I’m sure they did their very best. Eventually, and most fortunately, mum has been admitted to The Mount in Leeds, a specialist psychiatric unit. Mum’s dementia has developed further into a terrible psychotic illness, and to be brief, she no longer recognises us, nor any part of her life. It is very very sad. However, she is in the very best place possible.
I cannot stress enough how much respect I have for the staff at The Mount. It is an NHS unit, so funding will always be a problem (last month they were reduced from 20 beds to 12 due to the cuts made by “our selfish bastard government”. My words.) Each and every member of the staff there are the very nicest, most caring people you could meet, and I genuinely feel humbled by them. They put the vast majority of us to shame in the way that they look after these very complex illnesses. I really can’t put into words how impressed I am by them. We consider ourselves to be extremely lucky that mum is being cared for by them.
Mum’s probably going to be there for several months, until they can possibly stabilise the psychosis, and then we’ll see how it goes. Tough times ahead, yet there is no better place that mum could be. Like I’ve said, it’s all very sad.
I came home for one week initially, then when we realised how things were going, Charlotte came home too, which was just brilliant, not only for me but also for her ability to deal with the hospital, and kicking some ass!!!
So, on Sunday 13th September, after 3 weeks at home, we’re heading back to Asia!! Not much more we can do here at the moment, and Dad is on good form, so we’re going to see if we can finish our trip! We’ve got 12 weeks left to do, with many amazing things lined up, including Vietnam, Cambodia, our sailing course, and of course a week of luxury in the villa with my wonderful friend Bruce and his family!!!! Not forgetting of course two days in Bangkok with the beautiful ladies Sarah and Shelley!!! Obviously, plans are very flexible in case we need to come home again. Let’s just see how it goes, and take one day at a time!
On the plus side, we’ve managed to sort out a superb flat for us to return to in Harrogate in December, which is one less job to do.

I managed to get another run done yesterday, around the crime scenes of North Leeds. In fact, I ran past the biggest crime scene in Britain – Jimmy Saville’s flat!! Made me think of poor ย old Seamus, delivering his newspapers and being encouraged to goย in!!!! Haha! Terrible visions of a young Seamus pressed against the window with a deranged white haired man behind him! No wonder Seamus’s tar mac- ing is all so wobbly!!!! To be sure……..
Our sincere apologies to our friends here who we haven’t been able to catch up with, but our priority has been here in Leeds with the family, and socialising has been well and truly on the back burner!! To be fair, I’m completely drained by it all. I need a bloody holiday!!!! We’ll see you all in December, and maybe have a small lemonade together!!!! Cheers chaps, and thank you for the very many kind messages of support we’ve had! ๐Ÿ˜€


A touch of Thailand in the heart of Yorkshire!ย image image image image

3 thoughts on “Our English Holiday Comes To An End (Hopefully!!!!)

  1. Only just caught up with your news tonight, not realising you had come back over. Hope things with your Mum go as well as they possibly can. Enjoy the rest of your trip guys !
    Looking forward to catching up with you on return….over a lemonade !


  2. Safe onward journey for the 13th. Thoughts with you all. Truly hope your mum gets what she needs from her current residence and that your dad continues to be in good form.

    X x ๐Ÿ’œย 

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