Good Morning Vietnam!!!!

Travelling again!! Brilliant! The journey from Manchester -London-Bangkok was easy enough, despite not being upgraded to Business Class. What a come down to have to walk to the back of the plane! And then find myself sat next to a hugely fat German, who really should have paid for my seat too seeing as how he used most of it!
Our wonderful friend Bruce met us at the airport and took us to his house, giving me the first chance this year to have a beer with him! And we had a selection of Asian beers, all very nice! Bruce, Tik, Thomas and Katy have a brilliant house on the outskirts of Bangkok, and are currently having another house and swimming pool built next door! How the other half live!!! Mind you, he works far harder than I expect I ever will do. And it was good to see that despite having lived many years in Thailand he still has the same sweating problem as me! 😆 Thanks Bruce and Tik! We’ll see you in the rockstar villa in 4 weeks!
Today we’ve headed back to the airport for our flight to Vietnam. That was a thirty-odd mile taxi ride which cost less than a tenner! Despite the traffic, there were times when the driver was able to reach Mach 4! We just love Thailand!
We flew on a Qatar Airways plane, brand new, with only about 25 passengers! I’ve never seen such an empty plane in my life! 200 empty seats!!!
First impressions of Vietnam?? Wow!!!!! This place is bloody fantastic! Just like in South America, Hanoi is a mixture of madness, chaos, craziness, and beautiful architecture. We’re going to like this a lot!!! Crossing the road is an extreme sport, and reminds me of the old ZX Spectrum game Frogger! No one stops at the crossings, and you are generally faced with 35 million scooters and 20 million cars! Yet somehow, it seems to work???!!!! After a walk around the lake, we went to a posh expensive cafe for a couple of beers. We knew it was expensive as they were £1 each!! To put that into perspective, we’ve just eaten really well at a noodle bar, where a beer and a coke cost 80p together! And the bars on our street by the hotel are selling bottles of beer at 30p!!!!!!! How can we ever come home?????!!!! The hotel, in the mid range price group, is £15 a night including breakfast. For the two of us!!! The staff are friendlier and more attentive than in any posh hotel I’ve stayed at! Why isn’t everyone living in Vietnam????
Tomorrow we’re having a full day exploring Hanoi, and we cannot wait!!!!! Cheers!


Beef noodle soup!


A welcome return to Beer of the Day!!!!

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