Nha Trang-ski

Sunday 27th September
Well, here we are in Nha Trang after another overnight bus ride in our tiny cots! Amusingly, we had the same three man crew in charge of the bus as three nights ago. They must be doing a grand tour of Vietnam. They are seriously dodgy! Trust me, I am/was a Detective! They make short unscheduled stops in the middle of nowhere where they get out of the bus, have a small discussion, then carry on. Occasionally they pick up what are obviously family members and take them wherever they want, whether it’s on the route or not! And in Danang they were stopped by the police and questioned for half an hour! This caused a lot of concern to them afterwards! But not to worry, it’s still a great service and costs absolute peanuts. Never be put off by a bus company called “Drug Couriers Inc.”
Nha Trang is the main seaside resort in Vietnam. The beach is fantastic, the sea is like a bath, and the prices, though slightly higher, are still bloody good. It is also rammed packed with Russians! We seem to be the only non-Russians in the whole resort! All the shop signs, street signs and menus are in Russian, so they must have been coming here a while. And they start on the beers by 9am, making me look a mere amateur! I can report, after a little scientific research, that the Russian female definitely favours a thong bikini! Unfortunately my probation order prohibits me from taking any photos….
We’re having two very lazy days at the beach, keeping ourselves hydrated with Tiger beer (90p a can at the beach, but 50p a can on the other side of the road, Marlboro Gold now dropped to 60p a packet!). The beach areas are split into economy, standard and VIP! Obviously, being rich westerners we’re in the VIP area where a sun bed (luxury model of course!), towel and wifi is a whole £3 a day! We managed to wait til 11.30am before Charlotte demanded beer. I, of course, was keen to have a non-alcohol day, but I have to do as she tells me……
It’s still bloody hot, 36 degrees, but the sea breeze helps. But not enough to stop sweating. Even Charlotte’s got a bit of a drip on. I look forward to the evenings when it drops to about 32. And we’ve found a lovely evening beachside bar where PINTS of draught Tiger are £1.20 for 2!!!! How civilised!
Tomorrow we head to Da Lat in the hills, where we have a motorbike tour arranged. Then it’s more beach beach beach! Other things still to come that we’re enormously looking forward to are Cambodia for two weeks, our week with Bruce’s family on Koh Samui, a couple of days in Bangkok with Sarah and Shelley, a couple of days ruining Aidy’s family holiday in Phuket, and then our sailing course! After that we have three weeks left before being forced to return to the Motherland to finish our life sentences (though we have a cunning escape plan…..) Who knows where we’ll end up on those three weeks??
How about this for luck? While finishing writing that last sentence, I said to Cha “I’m just going to nip to the shop for some more beer” when a little old lady passed our sun beds with a bag full of cold beers! And at an even better price of just under 45p a can! Bia Saigon “333 Export” 5.3%!!!! Fine work little old lady! I’ve instructed her to pass by every 15 minutes!!! She’s going to be my new best friend…..

Fantastic beach!

Fantastic beach!

This town has an obsession with topiary!

This town has an obsession with topiary!

Oh go on then. Mo, just one for you!

Oh go on then. Mo, just one for you!

And another for Mo! Speaking of topiary......

And another for Mo! Speaking of topiary……

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