A toast to Captain Swallow!!!!

Thursday 15th October
We have had a magnificent few days in Cambodia, the highlight of which was a day at the temples at Siem Reap. In fact, one of the highlights of the entire year. Almost on a par with Macchu Pichu. The scale of the temples is difficult to believe, and the overall site is 400 square kilometres. Angkor Wat is probably the most famous, but my favourite was Ta Prohm, where the trees have become an integral part of the buildings themselves (apparently this is the one featured in The Tomb Raider movie). Absolutely staggering. Difficult for me to do any justice to them here, but the pictures below may help.
We were on an organised tour, and had some really nice people with us – Americans, Spanish, Philippinos, and a Scottish guy. The Scottish guy was Brian, a hugely obese specimen travelling on his own who in my cynical mind was the very stereotype of a paedophile! No surprise then to find out he worked with vulnerable children! And when I learnt that his email address was “briansecretagent@*********.com” my suspicions were only heightened. However, I’m sure I’m doing him a huge disservice………
Siem Reap is a huge town/city, but with a lovely waterfront along the river. We were staying just 10 minutes walk from the centre but in a really quiet area, in a beautifully maintained villa. This was owned by two guys from Paris, Pascale and Florian, who had quit their jobs to run this place. It was absolutely fantastic, immaculately presented and furnished, and with a beautiful pool. The guys themselves were extremely friendly, and made us very welcome. So, for anyone going to Siem Reap, Villa b. Maison Boutique is definitely the place to stay!!
The town itself has a hugely touristy area, Pub Street, which is as it sounds! But full of life and colour! Brilliant!! Cambodia is an amazing place, and we’ll definitely be back here before too long!!!
Yesterday we flew back to Bangkok, as Charlotte has a hair appointment there today! (Yes, Charlotte has reached that stage in life where she flies to the hairdressers……) We arrived quite late, but still had time to explore the nearby Soi Cowboy – an infamous street full of girly bars and barely dressed young girls! Charlotte didn’t let me hang around for long……
And today is quite a special day too – finally, after years of procrastination, denial and deceit, we have been paid our long overdue expenses!!!! Champagne tonight!!!!! Captain Swallow, if you’re reading this, I take my hat off to you and suggest that each and everyone of us owes you a huge amount of thanks, if not beer!!! On my return I shall take you out for a small celebratory lemonade…..
Speaking of returning, it is now imminent! We’re cutting our trip short by a few weeks due to mum’s illness, so will be home end of October! Aaaaarggghh! I’m not fit for normal life!!!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 No, seriously, it’ll be good to be back, and gives us time to plan our next trip! We’ve had to cancel our sailing course, so that’s one of the priorities for next year, as that’s a big part of future plans……
Anyway, we look forward to our holiday tomorrow! A week away with my best mate Bruce and his lovely family, in a luxury villa in Koh Samui! And after that we’ve got our beautiful friends Sarah and Shelley for three days in Bangkok, so we’ve got some great times ahead of us! Life is full of pleasure!!!!!! Cheers!!

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