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Monday 19th October
What a way to spend our last week away!!! Here we are, at The Naked House, Koh Samui. It’s bloody magnificent! Built on three levels on the hillside with views over the southern coast, it’s like nowhere we’ve ever stayed before! It’s hotter than hot, and we’re having a very lazy week – life revolves around the infinity pool, the loungers, lunch, dinner and the odd small beer here and there.
Our huge bedroom has an ensuite which fully opens up so we can lay in the bath watching the sea! Spoilt rotten! It’s all so easy! Especially as the maid is cooking lunch for us today! I could get very used to this, and for this week I’m being a mixture of Robert Plant, Keith Richards and Oliver Reed!
I did go out for a run a couple of days ago but it nearly killed me! Not only the heat, but the return to the villa is up an incline of 30%! Today I’m going to do circuits up and down the steps outside the house……
We have a frog (Fred, obviously) that visits us each evening. As you can imagine, Charlotte’s relationship with frogs isn’t a good one, and this led to a brilliantly entertaining stand-off between Charlotte and Fred when he was sat on the steps leading down to our bedroom. Neither would move!!! Had Fred not been gently “persuaded ” to move (using Bruce’s foot) then they’d both still be there…..
Yes, life is very chilled, and a far cry from plodding the beat in Bradford!!

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