The Last Night In Bangkok!!!!!!i

Wednesday 28th October
Last time I wrote, I was sat at the pool on the 37th floor of the Intercontinental Hotel in Bangkok. Now I’m sitting on my dad’s sofa in Leeds. Its very disturbing.
However, still got things to report!
Our last afternoon in Bangkok was spent at the Chatuchak Market, which is the biggest one we’ve seen this year. Bloody huge! And it was incredibly hot! After a couple of hours of wandering around, and the terrible realisation that, in company with three women, I was facing another couple of hours shopping, I begged and pleaded (for the sake of my sanity) to be cut loose and left to my own devices. Permission granted! Yes, hang out the bunting!!!!! I ran at full pelt to the safety and sanctuary of the Viva 8 bar which I’d earlier spotted, and started glugging beers as fast as possible in fear that the girls would curtail their marathon retail session before I’d “calmed” down. And what a bar it turned out to be! Run by a fat Spanish chef, within the market area but very much open air, what a place! Absolutely buzzing! There was a young English lad DJing, and the music was just sublime even though it was only 3pm! Magnificent! Eventually the ladies joined me, and we kept putting off our departure, and saying “we’ll go after this next beer…” Then, at one stage Sarah and I wandered off to the bathroom, leaving the already-fairly-tipsy Charlotte and Shelley. On our return, we discovered that the two giggling school girls had ordered a 76 pint jug of margarita……. And it just went downhill from there!!! What a great night! The music just got better and better and we had such a laugh! Brilliant! Then, drunkenly we headed off for the Skytrain back into town and to Soi Cowboy (on the way, Charlotte was given some intense CROP training, which basically meant she had to wee in a bush…..). Hmmmm. Soi Cowboy. A street of seedy girly bars. Obviously we were there in a purely research based environment. There is a story to tell, but I’ll leave it there….. all I’ll say is that somewhere in Bangkok is a poor English lad wandering around in a daze having been well and truly lambasted by a couple of feisty Geordie/Canadian girls………..
Amazingly we got back to the hotel (without being violently savaged by irate pimps and madams), and very drunkenly at 11pm it was time to say goodnight and goodbye to our lovely beautiful friends, who had to get up at 3.45am to get to the airport!!!!!!!! Haha! Thank you girls for giving us a superb last few days of our trip! We love you!!
Monday saw us back at Bangkok airport too, (for about the 8th time in a couple of months!) and facing the depressing and sad journey home. In an attempt to cheer ourselves we upgraded to premium economy, and got stuck into the prosecco. All in all, it was a good flight, interspersed with wine and gin.
And then, there we were. Manchester, and good old Joshy there to meet us at the airport! And the end of the greatest ten months of our lives. How incredibly lucky we’ve been. What an experience!
And I do understand it when people tell me that England isn’t actually all that bad.
I understand that the very very basic hotel in Manchester, at £85 a night with no breakfast, £4.50 for a bottle of beer, isn’t actually that bad.
I understand that the thick, unrelenting fog between Manchester and Leeds isn’t actually that bad.
I understand that the over pricing of everything, for the sake of mass profits, isn’t actually that bad.
Honest! I understand!!! 😉
Last night we suffered the effects of jet lag for the first time this year! Went to bed at 8pm shattered, then up at 2am unable to get back to sleep!!! Aaaaargh! We’ve had a long day sorting things out, and visiting mum at the Hotel California….she’s actually much improved from when I last saw her, looking healthier, and no longer wanting to fight everyone on sight! The drugs must be great! However, she still talks mainly gibberish and hallucinates, so I suspect she’s still hoping for a posting to our Senior Management Team…… Right, it’s 7.15pm and its bed time!! Haha! Sleeping tablets tonight!
For anyone who’s interested, my new mobile no. is 07492882221. If you’re not interested, my new mobile no. is 07453288976.
Cheers! Maybe a couple more blogs to come……..

Common as muck these three......

Common as muck these three……


Quick! Drink fast while they're shopping!

Quick! Drink fast while they’re shopping!

The fat Spanish chef!

The fat Spanish chef!

It's all going to go horribly wrong.......

It’s all going to go horribly wrong…….

Think she just missed me with that punch!

Think she just missed me with that punch!

The Australian And Newcastle Cultural Ambassadors on a fact finding mission in Bangkok.....

The Canadian And Newcastle Cultural Ambassadors on a fact finding mission in Bangkok…..


Brilliant! And Shelley doesn’t yet look as if she’s wet herself!

The proudest police chief I've ever seen!

The proudest police chief I’ve ever seen!

Joined by a lady DJ!

Joined by a lady DJ!

The terrible after effects of 63 gallons of margarita......

The terrible after effects of 63 gallons of margarita……

5 thoughts on “The Last Night In Bangkok!!!!!!i

  1. Phew! What a trip.
    I can imagine you saying ‘this time last week we were…..’ for some time to come.
    I can honestly say I have read each and every blog and will treasure the holiday brochure that was your ‘trip’ of a lifetime, for months to come and even delve into it when we start to plan a short holiday.
    Many thanks and welcome back.


  2. Welcome back, really enjoyed reading about your trip and what memories you both have. I more than anyone know how short life is and you two have been brave enough to break with the tradition and go for it. Well done can life be normal again now for you two if it ever was before !!!! xxxxxx


    • Thanks Wendy. It’s been amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone! Not sure how well we’re adjusting back to life in UK…… It may take quite some time, if ever! I hope you are well and we can catch up soon x


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