Plan A fails……… bring on Plan B.

Well, the blonde-hair-insanity plan didn’t work. But that was mainly because the person I was dealing with was one of those people who never actually looks at you. Only at the ground. Perhaps I should have worn some 2 foot long clowns shoes instead. My interview lasted approximately 68 seconds, and consisted of me handing over various documents and forms and then asking “Any idea what you’re going to do with me?”, to be answered “No, I don’t deal with that, and the lady that does isn’t here”. Leaving me thinking “So why exactly did you ask me to come here today????????”. Next step apparently is to be assessed by the occupational health dept!!! Oooops! Now that could cause problems!!!! So I’m back on the e-cigarette (until the pub tonight…..).
Two weeks ago I envisaged spending today on a beach in Thailand with my lovely mate Aidy and his family (see how I’ve calmed Aidy! No mention of fatness!). As it transpired, I spent the rest of the day on a grand tour of nursing/dementia homes of North Leeds. Somewhat different from plans. Never let it be said that I’m not flexible.
Visiting these homes is fairly sobering (I’ve actually had only 3 beers this week!! Outrageous!!) and I take my hat off to each and every person who works in them. I know I certainly couldn’t do it.
It did make me think though – the homes are always playing piped music, usually crooners from the 50s, quite rightly aimed at their customers. The dementia issue is only going to increase as time goes by, and it made me wonder what it’d be like in 40 years time. We’ll have nursing homes playing Blur, Oasis and The Happy Mondays! That’ll be brilliant with the drugs they hand out there!! Instead of showing musicals on the telly, they’ll be playing DVDs of One Direction, Take That and Miley Cyrus! No bingo, twerking sessions instead!!! It’s almost worth looking forward to!
I’m working on a final blog – BAFTAS of the Year. Watch this space…….

My natural hair colour. Honest.

My natural hair colour. Honest.



Not Leeds.

Not Leeds.


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