One I forgot to post……

Sunday 1st November
As I wake up in fog-bound Leeds, the harsh reality kicks in that our sailing course starts in Langkawi today!!!! Maybe we should go to Pugneys in Wakefield instead???
Already, after only a week, our dream trip is becoming just distant memories. We keep being told “Welcome back to real life”, but I don’t get that. Surely the acceptance that poor weather, inflated prices, the 9-5 slog of work, has to be the norm is the acceptance of a defeated attitude? I can’t for the life of me come up with a single reason why this should be the norm???? Yes, we’ll have to work and earn money, but there is absolutely nothing to stop us from doing jobs we enjoy, in a country we want to be in, with weather to suit! My two new priorities in life have become
1. To be able to walk to walk (I’ve just done 12 years of 2 hrs commute a day)
2. To only need two pairs of shoes – flip flops for everyday use, and trainers to run in. OK, obviously a pair of cycling shoes too…so three pairs.
Although, the above two criteria don’t necessarily fit in with the greatest place in the world…..
Right, moving on, time for a bit of a wrap up of the last year –
The Best Place We’ve Visited:
This is our most oft asked question, and it’s not so easy to answer. Every single country we’ve been to has been amazing, each with its own attributes – the beaches, history, people, culture of South America , the life in south east Asia….. After much thought I’ve come up with these three
3. Peru – beautiful, cultural, cheap, friendly. Macchu Pichu and Colca Canyon alone would make this country worth visiting. A UNESCO site every half mile!
2. Brazil – our first destination, and what an incredible place. The greatest people, the most beautiful ladies!!, unbelievable beaches, a constant carnival atmosphere
1. New Zealand – the most stunning country I’ve ever been to. Beaches, mountains, wildlife, very few people but very nice people, sun and snow! proper seasons, and a brilliant attitude towards outdoor life. An outlook on life of “Yes, that’s probably possible, give it a try!” rather than here “No,that’ll never work!”. Queenstown and Lake Wanaka would be number one choices for us in any future move abroad, which is something we’ll aim for. Yes, it’s expensive compared to most other places, but without a doubt worth paying for! I would move there for the stunning cycling routes alone! Honestly, neither of us can speak highly enough of NZ. A proper gem.
Ok, more when I can be bothered to write..


Just another Brazilian beach……

image image image

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