Living with Nigella……

Sunday 15th November
My God. What a depressing day!! Miserable grey drizzle day after day….. Shelley spent ten minutes trying to convince me that going out walking in the rain is just as nice as in the sun. I know it’s each to their own and all that, but frankly Shelley, you’re wrong!!!! It’s bloody horrible! (Mind you, she is from Newcastle….) Anyway, to try and cheer myself up I’ve just been out to run 7.2 miles, and ran as well as I have done for a while. So now it’s time to rely on the anti-depressive qualities of gin and tonic.
We did have a brilliant time on Friday though, when we went to meet my old team for a drink in Leeds, and an extra special surprise to find my old partner Hill waiting there for me! We worked together for a while in Chapeltown as renegade DCs, and were either referred to as highly competent, or Laurel and Hardy depending on who you spoke to. But to see all my old colleagues was absolutely fantastic, and it’s a shame that I’ll probably never get to work with them again.
Ironic really, considering the people I was drinking with, that at that very time all sorts of horrors were unfolding in Paris. Our Sam was working in Paris on a photo shoot, and the first we knew was a text from him saying “Don’t, worry, I’m safe. Trouble in Paris” Well, not knowing what was going on, we just presumed it was women trouble (that’s Sam’s usual problem in Paris!). Laurence got a text saying “Don’t worry about the shooting in Paris, I’m safe” and just took it that it was a reference to his photo shoot! Sam, you have to be much more specific in future!!! Anyway, he wasn’t far from it, but fortunately not involved.
Charlotte has found a new love of cooking, and with the purchase of a new 8 in 1 (?) slow cooker she’s gone into full on cook mode! Today alone she’s baked a chocolate cake (first one ever, and very nice!), sausage and mash for tonight, and chicken casserole for tomorrow. It’s like living with Nigella….. And a bonus about our lovely flat is that the oven seems to cook perfect, hugely-risen Yorkshire puddings. See, it’s all in the temperature.
I knew the gin would do me good! The downside of it is that I’ve just entered a 50km Ultra Marathon in March! The Canalathon, from Manchester to Sowerby Bridge following the canal! Fantastic!! 31 miles of running! So now I’ve got something to aim for! Best get training!

Beers of the day!

Beers of the day!

Sausage, mash and giant puds! Well done Nigella!

Sausage, mash and giant puds! Well done Nigella!

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