Mayhem at The Coach!!


Wednesday 25th November
Only a week until we come home!!! Oh, hang on……..
Anyway, here we are, settling back into England. It’s a very slow process! It’s fair to say that the weather doesn’t help! However, we battle on, and think positive! So I’ll outline the good points!
I’ve got massively back into running, and am out most days, never for less than 6 miles, and pushing ten miles now. I find running the greatest thing for getting the mind back on track and out of the doldrums. I’m thinking I should set up a running club for depressives/smokers/drinkers! If I can do it, anyone can! Honest, when I’m down (90% of the time!) Charlotte sends me out for a run, and I come back smiling and full of life! It should be prescribed by the NHS! Myself and Shelley are entered into a 31 mile run in March, basically Manchester to Sowerby Bridge! Can’t wait! Non of these petty marathon distances for us!
With regards to Mum, we’ve finally got her into a nursing home in Guiseley! This is magnificent news, and is the result of visiting 15 homes – several refusals from homes after assessing mum, and more homes that I wouldn’t even put a badly behaved dog in. But, she’s been there for 30 hrs now, which is 3hrs more than she lasted in her initial home! I lay awake at night waiting for the phone call from the home to tell me they can’t cope……. The home itself, Ghyll Royd, is absolutely superb. It’s cosy, comfortable, and the staff are amazing. Me and Charlotte took her there yesterday, and were really happy to leave her there. I’ve been back this morning, and just love the place. I’ve met all the other residents. Mary (I’ve changed her name on Charlotte’s insistence) has declared her love for me and gave me a big kiss before I left! She treated us all to some very badly sung hymns! As sad as it is, seeing as how this is how many of us will end up, I found the care and loving from the staff genuinely touching. It’s not a job I could do. I really take my hat off to them all. And only £895 a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A week!!!!!!!! But to have mum safe and happy is priceless and it’s taken an enormous amount of pressure off the family. And to be fair, after much debate and cajoling, the social services have agreed to pay £695 a week! Who would ever have thought that my wonderful mum would be a tax drain!!!! Haha! She deserves it! Very happy😀 Let’s see how long she lasts there!!!
We’ve discovered a brilliant new game! Musical Chairs Mayhem in the Coach and Horses! So, The Coach has become our pub of choice at the moment (it’s about 30 seconds walk from home, although we do actually pass The Muckles Bar to get there!). Never a favourite of ours in the past, it just now seems much more cosier and welcoming for some bizarre reason. And it has 33 types of gin! Anyway, there are lots of regulars there, who each seem to have their own allotted seat. So when we arrive at 4pm, and it’s empty, we choose to sit wherever we like, but knowing we’re taking a “chosen” spot! The entertainment is fantastic! As the locals arrive, there is a domino effect when they have to change their regular seats! It makes them so uncomfortable and paranoid! Today they sat and stared at us as if trying to intimidate us into moving! Charlotte actually said that we should move, but I said no, this is far too entertaining to let go! Great sport!
On Saturday we had a few drinks with Shelley and her parents Ken and Linda. Ken and Linda have taken some stick from me this year as I’ve referred to their size (they are tiny tiny people!) but have taken it very good naturedly! What a lovely afternoon! And another good pub, Major Tom’s, with superb craft beers! Funnily, I mentioned our missing laptop, and the lovely Linda distinctly remembered me leaving it at Shelley’s for safe keeping! Shelley, in true police style, denies any knowledge of this! But fantastically, Shelley has just contacted us to say that although she hasn’t found the laptop, she has found our two missing coats!!!!!! Brilliant! Great news! We can be warm again!
So, off to London tomorrow to see the boy Sam, Loz and Ali! Happy days!!!!

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