Despite all, the future is bloody good!

Saturday 12th December
Oh crikey indeed! It’s been many days since I’ve written anything, and I’m sure that anyone who had the slightest bit of interest in foreign tales has completely forgotten me now, But. It’s half past midnight, and I’m feeling like writing a little, so…..
I’m very busy building an Ark at the moment. It’s been raining for the past 324 years here in Yorkshire. Cumbria and the Lake District (God’s Own Country) have already very sadly succumbed to it, and the people there are suffering badly. I’m taking no chances, and filling my Ark with two of every beer that has ever been brewed in the hope that, come the Apocalypse, they will breed. Fortunately, they are non-religious beers and therefore have a good chance of survival.
At risk of massive criticism, what the hell is going on in this world of ours???? We’ve had a lovely year of blissful ignorance, only to come home to find that our Government is hell bent on destroying us with war! WTF! I just don’t understand that a (small) majority of parliament can send us in this direction? What ever happened to listening to the people? Bloody hell, we’ve been in communist countries this year that listened to their people more! I despair!!!!!
Yes, life back in so-called “reality” isn’t exactly what we see as being “good”. And having preached that we don’t actually have to put up with it, we’ve got a plan! And it’s a good plan! And England doesn’t feature in it!(Ok, so it does, for the next 18 months or so, but…) The realisation that this isn’t the only option in life is very freeing! However, when I think about the consistent rainy/grey/miserable days maybe we’re making a mistake in leaving England??? Haha! I think not!
So, only two weeks until I start work. Obviously I can’t wait….. WYP still haven’t had the decency to let me know where I’m going or what I’m doing. But, after all, I only gave them 3 months notice of my return, so maybe I shouldn’t rush them into a decision. The meetings I’ve had with them so far have been, shall we say, disappointing? I know that once I’m eventually back with them, if I procrastinate as much as they have done, I’d lose my job. Actually, that might be a good thing????!!! For me!
But. Life is very good at the moment. Mum is in a very nice nursing home in Guiseley, Dad is doing well, I’m running many miles a week, and I haven’t had a cigarette for two weeks!!! And I get to spend all day with my very beautiful wife Charlotte!
I’m very happy!

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