Unemployed!!!!! And Happy!!!!

I’ve done it!!!! After months (possibly years!) of deliberation, it took only one very depressing day back at work to realise that I no longer wished to be in the police! So, I’ve resigned! And as of today I am officially unemployed! Obviously there is a certain amount of fear and trepidation, but also a huge amount of excitement!

Without going into detail, the matter of my return to work was exceptionally badly handled, and has made my decision very easy. Even the DCI I’ve just spoken with totally agrees with me. To be fair, even if I’d been offered a job at my previous team, I don’t think that would have helped as they seem to be working away from home a lot, and that’s not on my agenda anymore. Priorities in my life have changed. Yes, of course we need money, but not as much as we need happiness, and I don’t think I was going to find that in the police again. Many people will think I’m mad, but so what? I can’t understand people who moan about their job constantly, but don’t do anything about it. (I may have moaned constantly about my job, but I always moved on to try find something better! And then moaned a bit more……). So, the end of a 22 year era. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some brilliant times with amazing people there (and of course the complete opposite too!) but it’s time for a change. Many will say it’s a terrible decision, and who knows, they may be right. But of course, they may not be!
I had already enrolled in a course and have started studying – to be a Sports Massage Therapist!!! I’m actually loving studying again, and finding it absolutely fascinating!! That’s going to take a year to complete. Coincidentally, sports massage is one of the jobs on the list of approved jobs for emigration to New Zealand……….. but that would be a long time from now if it ever happened. And with Charlotte training to be a yoga teacher, we would have two very portable jobs for finding work here and there around the world! Also, our sailing course in Langkawi that we had to cancel has very kindly been put on hold for us by the company, so we’re able to do that November/December this year. We’d long ago decided to use our time back after the trip to gain other qualifications, with a view to buggering off again one day a few years in the future. I could be a sailing masseuse!!!
I’ve been training hard, and my belly is definitely shrinking. I’ve stopped smoking 5 weeks ago. In March I’m doing a 31 mile running event, and trying to build up to a 24hr event in September in which I’d hope to be able to do 70+ miles. Which is a big run!
All in all, life is good! All I need now is a job! As long as it’s walking distance from home, I don’t mind too much what I do. A little bit of bar work would suit me fine!
Cheers everybody!!!
Paul (civilian!!)

4 thoughts on “Unemployed!!!!! And Happy!!!!

  1. Congratulations Paul! Well done on being one of the few people who actually do something about the unhappy parts of their life. Here’s to the next 22 years of a wonderful work/life balance xx



  2. What a fantastic thing to do.
    I always believed, if you don’t like the job you are doing then get out and hey ho you have done it. Some would say you were stupid and others would only think it.
    Listen, if you want a local job that fits in with your other plans then why not give care work a go.
    It’s not daft, it’s local (we have 4 services in Harrogate, one across the Stray from where you are, and 2 in Knaresborough).
    Just a thought, and you just might enjoy it whilst waiting for something else.
    You would probably have to work in a bar also as the pay is not great, but hey, you are on another journey already.
    Let me know.
    Good on yer


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