The life of the Idle…..

Day four of unemployment, and I’m loving it!! The days generally consist of long lie-ins, a couple of hours in the gym, a couple of hours studying and reading, and much blatant loafing around! I’ve no time to work!! And of course, Gin o’clock can strike at any time!! Yes, I’ll have to find a job at some stage, but let’s not rush into it! And nothing more stressful than a bar job please!
Thank you to the very many of you who have sent me kind comments and wishes for my future. The general consensus seems to be that I have been “brave”! I take it that this is “brave” as in “foolish”!! Blythe has even accused me of being mentally ill! (which coming from him is a little rich to say the least!!!) However, I would have said I’d have been braver to carry on doing a job I don’t really want to do, just waiting to retire, instead of doing something about it! And speaking of retirement, I’d already checked out my pension situation, and it’s surprisingly good! Although I don’t get it until I’m 60 (5 years further than when I would have got it by staying in the job), the projected monthly payment and lump sum is way above what I was expecting!! It made my decision much easier!
Of course, we’re having to be a little bit more careful with our money, but nothing extreme. It’s not stopping us buying vinyl! I was delighted yesterday to pick up Yes ‘Tomato’ and Genesis ‘Duke’ in a second hand record shop, for the princely total of £7. Two of my old favourites!
And of course we still shop at Waitrose! After all, we are from Harrogate!! 😀😀😀
Cheers chaps! Time for some Bombay Sapphire!!


A rare glimpse of the sun setting from our flat!

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