Farewell Ziggy……

What a very sad day indeed this is, with the passing of Mr Bowie. It’s actually really shocked me, as it was totally unexpected. It’s only a couple of days ago that I remarked how well he looks! I couldn’t quite put my finger on exactly why it’s shaken me so much, until I’ve just spent a couple of hours in the gym listening to his music, and realised that he is the soundtrack to my entire life! From his very first albums (the double album Images 1966-67, remains one of my favourites, especially Maid of Bond Street) right up to his new release this week, each has been a classic, no matter which persona he was currently inhabiting. I’ve just been looking through my music collection on hard drive, and somehow I seem to have collected 108 of his albums/bootlegs/EPs/imports etc!!! Bloody hell!!! Hard to choose a favourite, but I think for me his Ziggy Stardust era is hard to beat. And I don’t think I ever saw him perform live! Although it’s possible that I did, but have forgotten as some of my earlier years seem to be a bit of a blur, so if anyone actually did go to one of his gigs with me, would they let me know!!
Brilliantly, Sam and Josh chose to buy me one of his albums on vinyl for Christmas. Top choice!
(So that one, and his two most recent albums make it 111!).



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