It’s A Wonderful Life!

Two weeks into unemployment now, and I’m loving it! The portents of doom predicted by many haven’t yet happened – I’ve not been struck by lightning, the bailiffs haven’t been, and the gin hasn’t run out! Obviously it’s massively helped by the fact that Charlotte goes out every day to work, but to be fair she loves her job! Although she’s finding the commuting bad, and I have full sympathy with her there. She’s now done about 10 years of driving to and from Bradford every day, and it takes its toll. (I can fully understand any person driving FROM Bradford, but TO it????????). Anyway, Charlotte’s been back at work for a week, and very fortunately all seems to be well with the job. And she loves coming home to an immaculately tidy house and a cooked meal! She’s started referring to me as her House Bitch, and as I’ve previously said is giving me £50 a week for house keeping! But we’ve discovered that this is easy enough, despite the fact I still shop at Waitrose and Weetons. Yes, it helps that I have time to cook, and it also helps that I love cooking, but I still can’t understand when you see families on tv who live on takeaways and junk food saying that it’s too expensive to eat healthily. I completely disagree, and would say it’s very easy to eat healthy (some of my ex colleagues may be choking now when they remember my diet of flaky-pastry based savouries!!!).
So following on from the 40 miles on the bike this week, and daily gym sessions, I headed out for a short run on Friday afternoon. It was a very cold but a brilliantly clear cloudless day, and I ended up doing 14 miles. Bloody loved it! I could have gone all day, but it was getting dangerously close to gin o’clock! I’ve been training with an interval running app on the treadmill, and it’s definitely showing huge improvements! The 31 mile run is only 9 weeks away now, so I’ve got to keep getting the mileage up a bit. I’m doing that run to raise money for Martin House Hospice, the children’s hospice in Wetherby. This is the chosen charity of my new local pub, The Coach and Horses, who over the years have raised many tens of thousands of pounds for them, and John the landlord has offered to help me promote my fundraising, so I’m really going to try and get a decent amount of sponsorship in.
Today is the beautiful Charlotte’s birthday! Last year on her birthday I took her up The Sugar Loaf Mountain (not a euphemism!!!!!!). This year is a little more sedate, with her going to work while I cook a nice dinner, and even experiment in a bit of baking……


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