Just a little update to bore you with my new life – it’s bloody brilliant! So here I am, once again employed, but fortunately for only a few hours a week, and in the magnificent haven of The Coach and Horses pub. I’m absolutely loving it! I’d forgotten what a nice life it is to just deal with happy people who aren’t punching you, stabbing you, spitting at you, and generally just being the scum of the earth!  The 20 second walk to work is somewhat better than my previous 45-60 minute commute, and Charlotte loves seeing me come home smiling and happy! Yes, I’m pretty skint, but that is far outweighed by my happiness, and once I can convince my landlord that I can pay the rent in happiness then all will be well! Actually, the realisation that my pension is already sorted, and I can treat the next few years as my own, is pretty good. Next week I’ve  been put on the rota for 20hrs, which is probably far more hours than I actually want to work, so I’ll be having words……

This week I’ve been in Manchester all week on my sports massage course, and again, thoroughly enjoying it. I’m learning a huge amount, and have been blown away today by the wonders of myo fascial release. It’s not only fascinating, but genuinely amazing treatment. So I’ve had a week of giving, and receiving, all types of treatment, and feel bloody great! I’ve run 10k each night along the canal, and am feeling on top of the world! Lovely people on the course, and I’ve found a good friend in another ex bobby who has been running with me. Of course, I’m not trying to self-publicise, but the benefits of regular deep tissue massage have really paid off for me – I’m generally a slow runner, sort of 9.30 min per mile rate over any distance from 10-50k, yet today I’ve just very pleasantly run 8.30 min for 10k. My normal right calf problem has been sorted in just 10 minutes by my fellow student, and considering that only 3 weeks ago I was in so much pain I could hardly walk, this is quite a feat.

My daily run has been along the Manchester-Rochdale canal, which just happens to be  the starting point of my 50k ultra marathon next month. So this seems as good a time as any to remind you chaps out there that you can/absolutely should, sponsor me as I’m raising money for Martin House Children’s Hospice in Wetherby. It’s an enormously worthy cause, and I implore you to back me, not for my sake, but to donate towards this incredible charity. I’ve set a target of £500, so please help me. I know we’re besieged by these requests daily, but honestly, when you see the work they do there, you’ll understand how important it is. Anyway, the place to go is And if any of you have businesses that need to get rid of some of your money at the end of the tax year,then this is the way to do it…….

Another bonus of being in Manchester this week has been seeing Josh every day. When he’s not being a student (and let’s face it, his £9000 annual fee only requires him to attend Uni 9 hrs a week!!!!) he works at Byron Burger, and has been able to give me a 50% discount on my food all week! Top work Josh! Although it’s cost me at least ten times that amount taking him to the pub every night…..

I’m going to pop into Beaker’s leaving do in Leeds tomorrow night on my way home , so may see some of you there, and I’ll leave you with a couple of views of the Rochdale canal! (These were taken at the 5k turn around point, having skilfully avoided the knobheads on the stolen motor bikes trying to to kill me!)





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